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Breakout from Juno Media

Breakout from Juno is attracting extensive media coverage. Here are some links to where excerpts and reviews have been published. Rocky Mountain Outlook review   McNally Robinson selects Breakout as Book of the Day on Remembrance Day, 2011   The National Post excerpt   Mini Armour Reflections in Scale review   570 News Radio, Kitchener...

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Books In The Works

Number Four in the Elias McCann Series. Title: TBA. Mystery: Still a secret. Publication date: TBA. The Cinderella Campaign: First Canadian Army and the Channel Port Battles In late August 1944 the Allies broke out of the Normandy beachhead and hopes ran high the war would be won before Christmas. But a series of missteps left their armies literally running out of gas well short of the German border. Left behind to clear up the mess, First Canadian Army turned in a series of hard fought battles to eliminate the strong German garrisons holding the ports of Le Havre, Boulogne, and Calais and several lesser ports on the French and Belgian coasts so they could be used to supply the Allied armies. This is the first major work to tell the story of this hard-fought campaign of September...

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Douglas and McIntyre Interview

The Dieppe raid was the first major action the Canadian Army fought in Europe during World War II. Yet Tragedy at Dieppe is the tenth volume in your Canadian Battle Series. Why so long getting to this story? I first started writing about the role Canada’s army played in World War II due to a fascination with the then almost unknown battle to capture the town of Ortona, Italy in December 1943. That resulted in publication of Ortona in 1999, which became a bestseller and led eventually to the creation of the Canadian Battle Series and the intent to chronicle the entire fighting experience of the Canadian Army in World War II. As the series has never had a chronological approach to the war, I decided to leave the Dieppe raid until it could be marked by its 70th anniversary. The other nine volumes in the series chronicle major battles or campaigns in which the Canadians were victorious. Dieppe was a defeat and a decisive one at that. Did that make the story more difficult to write? Not really. Remember, although the Canadians emerge as victors in the other Canadian Battle Series volumes, they—or a number of the army’s regiments—often lose battles within them and suffer heavy loss of life. These defeats are as significant and dramatic a part of our history as the victories. The Dieppe raid took...

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Excerpt from Breakout From Juno

Excerpt from Breakout From Juno All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced in any form without permission of the author. Chapter 1: Little Short of Hell Both Carpiquet airfield and village were held by the 12th SS (Hitlerjugend) Panzer Division, which had proven a tenacious and ruthless foe during the June 7–12 fighting. All SS divisions were fierce and fanatical, but the 12th SS was uniquely comprised almost entirely of teenaged soldiers commanded by older, veteran officers and NCOs. The youths had been indoctrinated to believe they were Aryan “supermen.” The 12th SS was commanded...

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Excerpt From Assault On Juno

Excerpt From Assault On Juno All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced in any form without permission of the author. Chapter TwoA coin toss decided it. Two of the four Queen’s Own Rifles companies would be part of the assault on Juno Beach. The four company commanders tossed coins to decide who would have the honor. The Dalton brothers won. They would each have the honor of leading the chage. But likely one or both would die. Majors Charles and Elliott Dalton were both brothers and close friends. Charles, commander of ‘B’ Company, was six...

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About the Author

Mark Zuehlke is an award-winning author generally considered to be Canada’s foremost popular military historian. His Canadian Battle Series is the most exhaustive recounting of the battles and campaigns fought by any nation during World War II to have been written by a single author.
In recognition of his contribution to popularizing Canadian history, Mark was awarded the 2014 Governor General’s History Award for Popular Media: The Pierre Berton Award. In 2007, his For Honour’s Sake: The War of 1812 and the Brokering of an Uneasy Peace won the Canadian Author’s Association Lela Common Award for Canadian History. The Canadian Battle Series Holding Juno captured the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize in 2006. Mark is also an award winning mystery writer, whose popular Elias McCann series has garnered much critical praise in Canada and abroad. Set in storm-swept west Vancouver Island village of Tofino, the series follows the reluctant community coroner Elias McCann. Hands Like Clouds, the debut in this series, won the Crime Writer’s of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award for the 2000 Best First Novel and the third instalment, Sweep Lotus, was nominated for the 2004 Arthur Ellis Best Novel. When not writing, this Victoria, British Columbia resident can often be found tinkering around the Fernwood heritage house he shares with partner and fellow writer Frances Backhouse. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, cycling, kayaking, travelling, and cooking.

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