Assault On Juno

Dawn, June 6, 1944. Off the Normandy coast 5,000 ships carry 131,000 Allied troops. This is D-Day, the long-awaited Allied invasion of German-occupied Europe. The Allies will storm five beaches. The Canadians will land on a five-mile stretch of sand code-named Juno Beach. They either break the German defences or die trying. Piling out of small, frail landing craft, they struggle through bullet-whipped water to gain the sand. And the bloody battle for Juno Beach begins.

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A detailed and poignant account of a horrific event, is accurate and well researched. The intended readership should have no trouble with it. It is clearly written and easy to understand. It is suitable for recreational reading, and, in the thoughtful reader, will raise many questions about the futility of war and why so many young men had to die.

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This promising series claims to be easy reading, and it certainly has succeeded so far in being accessible to those with limited familiarity with the technicalities of military history, whether Canadian or not.