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Number Four in the Elias McCann Series.

Title: TBA. Mystery: Still a secret. Publication date: TBA.

The Cinderella Campaign: First Canadian Army and the Channel Port Battles

Breaking out of the Normandy bridgehead in late August 1944, the Allies hoped to win the war before Christmas. Instead, a series of miscalculations saw their armies literally running out of fuel for lack of major ports through which to bring in desperately needed supplies. It fell to First Canadian Army to win those ports while being given scant resources to do so. The Cinderella Campaign will be the first major work to tell the story of First Canadian Army’s heroic fight to open Le Havre, Boulogne, and Calais in September 1944.

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Mark Zuehlke is an award-winning author generally considered to be Canada’s foremost popular military historian. His Canadian Battle Series is the most exhaustive recounting of the battles and campaigns fought by any nation during World War II to have been written by a single author.

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