Fun BC Facts for Kids

A desert in a pocket, underwater volcanoes, North America’s most endangered mammal, and legendary lake monsters-these are just some of the wild, weird, and wonderful things found in Fun B.C. Facts for Kids. Discover an animal the length of two semi-trailer trucks, catch gold fever in the Fraser Valley, and wander through the earth’s largest remaining ancient coastal rainforest. These pages offer a whole new look at B.C.

Publisher: Whitecap Books, 1996: 88 pages.


Quill & Quire

Quill & Quire

This is a book that is hard to read silently: the reader keeps wanting to ask people within earshot if they knew that more plants and animals live in Vancouver Island rain forest than the Amazon jungle, or that Ripple Rock sank more than 120 ships and smaller boats before it was blown up in 1958.

Island Parent Magazine

From volcanoes and forest fires to ogopogos and sasquatches, there are enough odd facts in here to keep a carload of kids entertained.

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Fun B.C. Facts for Kids holds a wealth of information about Canada’s most western province.It is sure to be a hit with students studying Canada and for those interested in knowing more about their country.