The Canadian Military Atlas

The visual story of Canada’s distinguished fighting record told in detailed maps and succinct text, from two masters of their craft.

Canadian soldiers have long offered the greatest sacrifices with tremendous skill and courage. Now, in one stunning full-colour volume fully updated and for the first time in paperback, the battlefields on which Canadian soldiers fought so valiantly have been mapped out.

Mark Zuehlke, widely regarded as Canada’s pre-eminent military historian, adds historical background and insightful commentary to C. Stuart Daniel’s more than eighty intricately detailed maps of four hundred years of Canada’s battlefields. The French and Indian Wars, the battles of Ypres and Passchendaele, Dieppe, D-Day, Korea and Kosovo.. Zuehlke and Daniel have painstakingly researched every battle in every war, on the ground, in the air and at sea.

Published by Douglas & McIntyre, 2006: 228 pages.

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powerfully evocative.. In his concluding sections, Zuehlke moves from Canada’s war history to its peacekeeping operations, listing the nation’s 73 missions and raising questions many of them prescient in the light of the Afghanistan conflict about the military’s role in future conflicts.

Esprit de Corps

The Canadian Military Atlas is a Christmas must for military enthusiasts and students of Canadian history.

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