The Gallant Cause

In ragged uniforms, with obsolete equipment, hundreds of Canadians fought to the death against a massive army equipped by Hitler and Mussolini. The Gallant Cause chronicles the role Canadian volunteers played as members of the International Brigade fighting against fascism in a land far from home for a cause their government opposed. Excerpt from the book.

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Canada, 2007: 303 pages

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Esprit de Corps

A gracefully written account of war that should be read by every high school kid in every history class across the land.

Lewis MacKenzie, MSC, CD, Major General (retired)

Mark Zuehlke has breathed life into the saga of ordinary Canadians’ participation in the battle against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. This is no grand historical analysis, but rather an insight to a glorious cause as seen through the eyes of dedicated anti-fascists and yes, in some cases, romantic young Canadians.


Well-written, entertaining, informative, and sometimes almost unbearably poignant. Read it.